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Lotz of Music versus VJ Soundshadow

Bite! gives a musical impression of the adventurous entertainment one finds under water. 19 tracks of underwater music performed by the serene sounds of Lotz Of Music. A Dutch View On Fish featuring the electrifying sounds of the Brim Bram!

(Music of 'A Dutch View On Fish. A multi-media performance within a combination of live video with live music: Lotz Of Music versus VJ Soundshadow.)

Press reviews

Fresh, entertaining and uplifting music. (All About Jazz) >>> read further

A taste of the future of Jazz, finally a fresh new approach by the cream of the Dutch Jazz field. (P.Merret, PBS Australia)

how awesome is this... It's fun, unpredictable, and loaded with unique sounds including prepared piano, PVC flute, and a rubber-band thingy they call a "brim-bram." ... Very cool. (KZSU Zookeeper) >>> read further


Lotz, Mark Alban (Germany): c-, alto-, bass-, PVC, contra bass flutes, bansuri, prepared flutes

Lysander Le Coultre (Netherlands): cello

Alan "Gunga" Purves (Scotland): brim bram, toys, whistles, squeeks, toms etc.

Albert van Veenendaal: (Netherlands): piano, prepared piano, samples

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