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6 Spoons, 1 Kitchen

6 Spoons, 1 Kitchen –initiated by flautist Jeroen Pek- is an international sextet that wishes to explore the boundaries of the music of our planet, approached from the background and merits of each individual member and brought together a brand new “dish” in the field of Ethnic-Jazz. A project which is almost literal 6 Spoons in 1 Kitchen in the sense of encounter and exchange. The repertoire is a blend of compositions of all members and arranged by the group as a whole. This concept guarantees excitement and adventure, as a process and, due to that, as a live performance.


Jeroen Pek: c-flute, alto-flute, bass-flute, educci-flute, vocals

Nabil Khemir: ud, guitar, vocals

Oleg Fateev: bayan, vocals

Ahmed Nazmi: bass guitars

Onno Witte: drums, percussion, vocals

Simone Sou: percussion, vocals

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