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Church Songs for the 21st Century

Genetic Choir

The Genetic Choir employs a collective evolutionary process in vocal instant composition. It was formed in Amsterdam in 2007 when Thomas Johannsen invited musicians and actors to investigate the use of the human voice through non-idiomatic improvisation. Over the years the Genetic Choir has evolved into a diverse group of vocal improvisers investigating the dynamics of open systems, self-organization and complexity. This open and eclectic approach results in a certain amount of complexity in the composition process, creating at times both rich and empty, both organic and erratic compositions. No single human sound is excluded and no musical genre is forbidden or favoured. Foremost, we strive to trust our intuition throughout the improvisation process in order to maintain vocal authenticity and intense contact with our audiences. Each Genetic Choir concert is a unique work and unrepeatable in its exact musical content.

This cd combines some of the best concert pieces in their "Church songs of the 21st century" project.


Thomas Johannson:    artistic direction

Genetic Choir:    choir voices

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