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Zapp! string quartet

On the cd Dextro, the Zapp Stringquartet jumps from jazz, to rock, to tango, to improvised, bulgarian or any other kind of music! They have developped their own percussion techniques and a groovy way of playing. Zapp takes the stringquartet tradition into a new dimension.

ZappĀ“s next album is called Chamber Grooves, you can order this CD via the Trytone website

Press reviews

the unconventional approach makes Dextro an exciting, surprising and beautiful album. A recommendation!(Heaven, July 2002)

Despite all prejudices against jazz ('violins are boring') there is a lot to enjoy about ZAPP. (Het Financieele Dagblad 13/03/2002)

...surprise after surprise... (HP De Tijd, 28/11/2003)


le Clercq, Jasper: violin

Geel, Oene van: viola & violin

Hitzer, Friedmar: viola & violin

Visser, Emile: cello

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