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Istanbul Improv Sessions May 5'th'

Mark Alban Lotz

May 2010 was a very fruitful and rewarding month for Mark Alban Lotz in Istanbul. Not only did he perform with various jazz and world music ensembles, but also had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the great exponents of the improvising scene in that vibrant metropolis. The album Istanbul Improv Sessions May 4'th' features recordings with the improvising ensemble Islak Köpek released on Evil Rabbit Records. Istanbul Improv Sessions May 5'th' documents an encounter in free improvisation with Çağlar, Uygan, Florent, Hays and Toisoul in duets, trios, quartets and collectives.

Istanbul Improv Sessions May 5'th' was realized in collaboration with the re:konstrukt label.

Press reviews

More below the Jazz radar than its equivalent in any city of similar size, Istanbul’s Free Music scene is still evolving. Nevertheless, as these demonstrated by these CDs, recorded on subsequent days by a Dutch-based German flautist plus local Turkish improvisers, many of the city’s players are ready for prime time...
(Ken Waxman, January 25 2012) >>> read further

In mei 2010 had fluitist Mark Lotz een vruchtbaar verblijf in Istanbul dat zich steeds meer ontwikkelt tot een internationale muziekmetropool. Vreemd genoeg zijn deze twee concerten op verschillende labels uitgebracht. May 4th is een samenwerking met de band lslak Köpek. (Ken Vos, www.jazzism.nl nov./dec. 2011) >>> read further in Dutch

Lotz behaves like a fish in the water ... producing the most wonderous sounds. No musical mash or disorientated freaky playing here but subtleness and good balance between electronic and acoustic sound manipulation. Prooves that anno 2010 improvisation is an international spoken language. (www.jazzflits.nl, april 2011 edition) >>> read further in Dutch

Sound is captured and manifested into startling shapes and becomes not only a harbinger of the essence of this record but also the messenger of the power of invention. (All About Jazz, Jerry D'Souza) >>> read further

Lotz' collaborators all come from the Istanbul improvisation scene which, on the evidence of this album, seems to be full of invention, ability and humor. The music on Istanbul Improv Sessions May 5th has impressive depth and richness. (All About Jazz, Bruce Lindsay) >>> read further

Mark Alban Lotz is een buitengewoon avontuurlijke fluitist die al jaren vanuit Nederland opereert, maar die vooral heel veel op avontuur is, op muzikaal gebied. >>> read further in Dutch

Lotz not only is a distinguished flutist but also one with sharp ears. Sparkling sound pictures ... the result is surprisingly accessible! (Volkskrant Newpaper) >>> read further in Dutch


Lotz, Mark Alban: picollo, c-, alto-, bass-, prepared flute

Can Ömer Uygan: trumpet, analog effects

Alexandre Toisoul: clarinet

Umut Çağlar: electric guitar, analog effects

Michael Hays: upright bass

Florent Merlet: drums

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