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Live at the music meeting

Baraná & co

Live recording of an already legendary concert. Turkish singer and multi-instrumentalist Behsat Üvez and the Dutch clarinet player Steven Kamperman are surrounded by a word-class selection of improvising musicians: cello wizard Ernst Reijseger, Iranian percussion-expert Afra Mussawissade, the versatile Kees Adolfsen on trombone, Cengiz Baytemur on several Turkish traditional wind instruments, Balkan specialist Monique Lansdorp on violin, saz virtuoso Hasan Kazan and the young Mehmet Uludag, who captures the ear with his amazing counter-tenor voice Texts of the Turkish Humanist-poet Yunus Emre inspire a voyage through Turkish traditional scales, exciting rhythms, witty improvisations and sounds of contemporary music.

Press reviews

The more often you hear the concert, the more you get the feeling you missed a big adventure. (Deventer Dagblad)

'Where many cross-over projects fail by sticking to a succession of styles, Baraná & Co succeeds impressively. The secret lies in strong compositions and clever arrangements, but above all in the affinity to one another's music. Baraná & Co is the result of a friendship between the Turkish singer and saz-player Behsat Üvez and the Dutch clarinet player Steven Kamperman. Their friendship has truly inspired all of the nine co-operating musicians. (De Volkskrant)

'Excellent music! (JazzReview.com)


Kees Adolfsen: trombone

Cengiz Baytimur : kaval, ney, mey, zurna

Steven Kamperman: alto clarinet & e-flat clarinet

Hans Kazan: baglama, vocals

Monique Lansdorp: violin

Afra Massawisadeh: percussion

Ernst Reijseger: cello

Mehmet Uludag: baglama, vocals

Behsat Üvez, : vocals, baglama (saz), cura, ud, darbuka, davul

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