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Modern madness or tribal truth?


Shifting rhythmic patterns spawn inspired solos. M.O.T, the group headed by Utrecht-based reed player Steven Kamperman, combines the best of both worlds: exciting big city music, in the form of alert jazz with individual tours de force, with the enchanting warmth of multi-layered African grooves.

Press reviews

You really can't beat these guys, they have a very clear-headed idea of what they want to do and pull it off with a quiet bravado that's just a joy to hear. Highly recommended. (JazzNow.com)

Cleverly interweaving first and third world, the group dares to be simple and direct as well, not letting harmonic or rhythmic acrobatics disrupt the experience. Inspiringly expressive!. (De Volkskrant)

Experimental without getting esoteric. Intense pieces and great soloing (Leids Dagblad)


Kamperman, Steven: alto clarinet & e-flat clarinet

Le Clercq, Jasper: violin

van Veenendaal, Albert: piano, keyboards, samples

Votrian, Patrick: tuba

Baird, Michael: drums, small percussion

Seye, Ousmane: sabar, djembé, guongoma

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