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Pendant la nuit

Lotz of music

Night Music in solo, duo, trio and quartet settings by flute virtuoso Mark Alban Lotz and his wide awake ensemble. Dynamic performances of fun improvisations and a lot of music as performed during the Soapera (music theater) Pendant La Nuit. The music is tender, excited, wry and ranges from dusty tribal sounds to amusing kitsch.

Press reviews

Pendant la Nuit is the kind of CD you set your CD player on repeat and let it play a whole evening. (Frank Huser, www.jazzflitz.nl)

... they demonstrate no small amount of ingenuity. (allaboutjazz.com)

Sophisticated blend of world music and accessible Euro-jazz. (Craig Matsumoto, KSZU jazz) >>> read further


Lotz, Mark Alban (Germany): picollo, concert-, alto-, bass-, PVC, contra bass flute

Berg, Edwin (Netherlands): piano, melodica, charlie e-organ, vocals

Surmenian, Eric (France): acoustic bass

Purves, Alan "Gunga" (Scotland): percussion set, harmonica, baby marimba, mini thumb piano, wooden spoons, water cymbals, snare, low tom, vocals

Jeanne, Frederic (France): drum set

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