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Solo flutes

Mark Alban Lotz

17 tracks of solo flute performances in contemporary music. The compositions and improvisations are played in one go, live. No use of overdubs, loops, sound processing but of extended techniques on flute (whisper tones, multi-phonics, tongue slaps and stops, circular breathing, voice, lip pizzicato harmonics, etc).

Press reviews

In 2014 Solo Flutes received a lot of attention, on radio and in reviews, in many countries, especially: Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Holland, Luxemburg, Peru, Russia, Spain, Swiss and the USA.  

Just Outside
"Lotz is a fantastic flutist, evincing great command, facility and imagination. … intriguingly impressive." (Just Outside, 5/2014, France, Brian Olewinck)
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"With a cultured Dutch daffiness, he explores zoological and anthropological motifs on his Solo Flutes. …  So many solo records can be austere, or just plain pretty. It’s sweet, deep, and humorous." (TheFlashBoston, 5/2014, USA, G. Marschal)
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Monsier Delire
Le flûtiste néerlandais Mark Alban Lotz vient de publier un très bel album solo, tout en confiance. … Partout, on a droit à un son chaleureux aux contrastes bien contrôlés entre pureté timbrale et bruitisme. Et l’humour n’est jamais loin." ("Dutch flutist Mark Alban Lotz just released a beautiful and confident solo album. Everywhere, we are treated to his warm sound with well-mastered contrasts between purity of timbre and noise-based techniques. And humour is never far away.") (Monsier Delire, Canada, 5/2014, F. Couture)
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“...flawless musical feeling, resulting in evermore thrilling improvisations and compositions. One hour solo flute, looks on paper quite dull, in practice it is extremely exciting and varied. And do not forget one thing : this is not heavy avant-garde, in the first place this is primarily just tremendous music!” (Moors Magazine, 2014, The Netherlands, Holly Moors)
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“Lotz impressed solo. He had pulled all his whistling out of the closet and using brief electronic effects and applying his voice – blowing, sighing, support, whine, growl, grumble – he created a classic looking, fascinating sound-game. The monks from the high mountains of Tibet were not far away.” (Draai Om Je Oren, 3/2014)
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Lotz, Mark Alban:
   concert flute, alto flute, bass flute, PVC contrabass flute, prepared flute, piccolo, voice

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