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South of no border

Vogelkwartet with guests

Music is the human language that speaks most naturally of the beauty of differences. On a smaller scale, we celebrate difference while going from one note to the next, listening to the story unfolding because of it. On a larger scale the same world of sound embraces musical stories, symbols and values from all around the globe, their differences enhancing the beauty of their shared humanity. "South of no Border" is a project presenting the band guesting New Delhi born virtuoso Sandip Bhattacharya on tabla's and lraki djoze legend Mohammed Gomar on ud and djoze for a powerful powow on diversity and integration within the perspective of the different improvisational and compositional traditions the participants embody.

Press reviews

Recommended for open minds (Cadence Magazine, USA)

They overstep musical borderlines with the gracefullnes of birds negating the "real" ones (Jazzpodium,Germany)


Le Clercq, Jasper: violin

Ohlmeier, Lothar: bass clarinet & soprano sax

Swinkels, Joost: trombone

Vogel, Tjitze:
double bass & E-flat tuba

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