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Haytham Safia

On his first own CD Haytham Safia; ud-player and cross-over musician from Israel & Palestine pays his debt to tradititon. His very personal interpretation of classical Maqam puts him at the forefront of the next generation of players from the Arabic culture that combine profoundness with a fresh curiousity.

Music played with just one instrument: the Ud, in an improvised and meditative mode. The performer uses different scales which convey various moods and atmospheres.

Press reviews

It is surprising how classical music, jazz, Eastern and African sounds can make a gripping concert that is continuously fascinating and gripping. The U’d deserves a more prominent place; the way in which Haytham Safia tries to achieve that, deserves a big compliment. All attention for a strict, academic or dusty imago to make place for ecstasy. (John Hendrix, Groovetime L1 radio Maastricht)

Haytham, with his classical education, is in total control of his instrument and allows generously jazz and world music. (Cultura Nova Heerlen 2003)


Safia, Haytham: ud

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